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Home Stretch

I told the fam I wouldn’t continue on to Miami. They were having a family get-together, and I decided to show up unannounced. It was a strange feeling, riding those last 300 miles home, knowing this adventure is now complete.

Home at last, this epic journey will forever more be just a memory.

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Good Bye, Athens

The next morning I set out to gather everything for my due oil change in order to be able to leave Atlanta. Once back at his place, I ended up falling asleep again until way into the afternoon for some strange reason. A kind of distinct lack of energy I haven’t experienced since the days after final exams.

I changed my oil and hit the road in the late afternoon, Gainesville bound.

First night of real weather is, of course, once I’m basically back in FL. After getting showered, the leathers didn’t dry for the remainder of the trip. Fortunately it was nice and toasty out, despite my ride taking place way into the night.

I made it to a good friend’s house in Gainesville and slept for the night before continuing on down to Miami.

Go Skateboarding Day

The next day I set out to arrange all my paperwork for Iron Butt and a couple other errands. Late in the afternoon, on what coincidentally happened to be Go Skateboarding Day, we went to the local skatepark to relive our childhood passion.

After a good skateboarding session, we ended up heading to downtown Athens. It’s a college town uncannily similar to Gainesville, draconian requirements for bars to close at 2 am and all.

Final Push For The 1500

I packed up all my gear and hit the road again, Atlanta bound. I don’t feel I’ve missed much in terms of scenery pushing through these boring states quickly, save for some downtown areas that looked rather interesting and modern. Once in Atlanta, making my way towards Athens, I found myself in bumper to bumper traffic on the interstate. I’d argue it’s worse than Los Angeles, compounded by the fact that lane splitting isn’t legal in Georgia. Moreover, I was running out of gas. Worried about time, I didn’t want to get off the highway unless I was certain there’d be a gas station right off the exit, a certainty that never revealed itself. In the course of fighting my way through that mess I found myself riding next to a guy on a scooter. Traffic was so slow I was able to have a full conversation with him while we rode on the highway. He’d vaguely heard of Iron Butt, I’d asked him where there’d be a gas station and if he’d be interested in signing my witness form. “It’d be an honor,” he said. He was a funny character. Not quite to Athens, the gas station sat at Dacula, GA. I checked the distance on google maps on my phone to make sure it’d get me over the 1500. Once assured, he signed my paperwork and went off. My contact and good friend in Athens came and signed the paperwork at the gas station shortly after as well, and we made our way to his place in Athens.

It was nice to catch up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. A bottle and some good stories later, I knocked out, getting my first good night’s sleep in a good while.