To Virginia

Writing on 7/25/15 at 9:30AM
I left New York and headed for Virginia. I’ve made it here without incident.

Back in New York, George installed a cig plug and a voltmeter so I could monitor my battery from my handlebars. I made it into Lynchburg, Virginia with the battery below 10V.
Definitively draining as I go.

I’ve got a lifelong friend here, Cody, whom I’ve gone a bit out of my way to visit as I hadn’t seen him in too damn long. We had some beers last night and, as always, great philosophical discussions. The idea is to go skateboarding today. This will likely be the last bit of skating I’ll do on the trip. I’m hoping to leave earlier today and make some progress towards Miami. I’m a little over a thousand miles away now, and while my body and spirit are certainly willing, able, and motivated to do an ironbutt ride home, the charging issue demands I stop and plug the battery in overnight everywhere I go. I am anticipating it will take me another three days of riding to get home if I don’t want to attach the car battery. It might simply be wiser for me to go through that hassle, as then I could likely be home in a day or two as opposed to three.

It’s been a great trip. It has been rewarding making it to my designated pit stops, as well as the more impromptu ones.

I’ve been soul searching to find myself during this trip. And I’ve accomplished much in that regard. I’ve found many amazing tools that I’ll carry with me for the rest of this quest for happiness we call life.

I am happy. I’ve already won.

I’ve learnt that happiness, as cliche as it may be to say it, is a choice.
It is a habit.

Happiness is a habit.

One should not think of happiness as a noun. It is not an item.
One should think of happiness as a verb. It is an action.

We are what we continually and repeatedly choose to do.
The events and circumstances we are subjected to in life simply are. Attaching a label of good, bad, fun, boring, etc is something that only happens within our heads. It doesn’t change whatever it is physically. It only changes chemicals within our own brain.
Rose colored glasses are a wonderful thing. And to wear them is a choice that is available to all of us, regardless of how long we may have been on the path of being a pessimistic glass-half-empty person. I can change myself today.

Habits are hard to change. But the wonderful part is that they are changeable. They are not universal laws that we are forever subject to.

And so from this day henceforth, I find myself confident in my ability to thrive.

I have found that which I’ve been searching for. I’ve found today. And I’ve found confidence.
I know I will be happy. I know I am happy.
And I’ve been gifted with far too much intellect to regress to my old ways again.

I am excited about tomorrow. Because I have the tools to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. And the wisdom to have my consciousness rise above the ebbing and flowing tide of emotions.

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