Oh, Canada, eh?

Writing on 6/29/15 in Vancouver
Justin and Dei escorted me to the ferry off of Port Angeles. I did leave on the 27th, but on the very last ferry. Dei got me in touch with a woman in Victoria, Sandra, so I would have a place to crash for the night. I got into Victoria sometime around 10pm. Didn’t have any troubles at customs.

I felt a wave of euphoria being on the ferry into Canada. What had started as a half-serious idea between some friends back in 2011 to go get motorcycle endorsements ended up leading to the international motorcycle odyssey I find myself in today. And to think: I’ve only just been riding for four years. The world is within my grasp. My life is an adventure only just beginning. Someday I’ll do my dream trip: Alaska to Argentina. Someday, my journal will be filled with near daily tales of border crossings when I ride through central america.
And it all started as an idea in my head.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” -Gandhi

I arrived at Sandra’s, was offered a quick meal, and I went to sleep.
The next morning, Sandra decided to tag along for my island tour. We had breakfast and got on the road to do the “loop.”
We rode to Port Renfrew and onward to Duncan, where we split off.
I headed for the Nanaimo-Horseshoe bay ferry and took that inland. I arrived just before the ferry left, and since I’m on a motorcycle, was able to be squeezed in despite no more cars fitting. So I didn’t have to wait at all.
Once across, I did have a bit of trouble getting in touch with my Vancouver contact, Dave. I met Dave during my last adventure back in 2013.
I do not have cell service, so as I rode towards Vancouver proper I stopped along the way outside a library to get on their Wifi, so to try and make other arrangements for a place to crash. I didn’t find another place, but having sent out a few requests I decided to go ride aroudn downtown Vancouver to give the recipients an opportunity to respond. I did manage to get a good picture in front of the CBC Vancouver building as evidence of finally having reached Vancouver. Most of the time my whiteboard’s simply said “Key West to Vancouver or Bust!” So it was only appropriate to have the whiteboard with said message in the picture.

Eventually I remembered about google hangouts dialer: I can make phone calls without cell service so long as I have a WiFi connection. D’oh!
I called Dave, and he had me ride over to North Vancouver so I could crash in his camper outside his girlfriend’s house.
The GPS program that Ha-mes hooked me up with decided it’d be hilarious to take me all the way back to the Horseshoe ferry port. Ended up wasting about an hour and a half being lost.
Once I found my way to Dave, he and his girlfriend offered me a beer and a salad.
I fell asleep in Dave’s camper, and the next morning he and I rode to his apartment, south of downtown Vancouver. He left me here while he went off to work. I thought I’d go skate, but I’m not feeling particularly well at the moment. Moreover, I’m probably going to go have a couple beers with Dave and his buddy Lyle (I met the two during the trip in ’13 outside the Grand Canyon), so I’d rather not be worn out.

The plan is to leave fairly early tomorrow morning from Dave’s. I have a contact in Calgary, Dale, who is going to meet me at Grand Forks tomorrow. I imagine we’ll crash there and ride to Calgary the following day or something along those lines.
A side note, simply because I found it hilarious: the busses in Vancouver flash:
Not in service.”

Rather than just “Not in service.”

I don’t know, I got a pretty good kick out of Canada living up to the “sorry” stereotype.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Canada, eh?

  1. thanks again guru it up

    i just bought a train bike 225tt four stroke train and trail

    although i already trip around the last four years too or was it fourteen…….you are an inspiritation

    I ahve a friend n Squamish Jay Grey tell him you know Doug ford you can stay and work and poker and relax……..Big Chief

  2. I read this post with a smile on my face the whole time. Here you are, several thousand miles away from home and you have friends offering you their home, unattended, simply because you met them during your last trip. Life truly is beautiful. Enjoy it man. You’ll always have me to fall back on but it’s comforting to know that you can find a way to keep on trucking. Something tells me this trip has brought you closer to understanding the meaning of life.

    -Your dearest friend.

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