Forever for the regulator

Writing 6/17/15
I’m rather disappointed in Partzilla. Took them forever to ship the part. I paid additional shipping that was supposed to also automatically get bumped into expedited, and I’m still going to have to wait until next Tuesday for the damn thing.
I think I’m going to leave tomorrow towards Bend, OR and spend some time wandering around Oregon. I’d rather do that than sit here and pick my nose waiting for the part. I’ve been told the ride there is quite scenic, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’m going to split some beers with a biker acquaintance from one of my online support networks tonight, so that should be fun as well.


I’ve been thinking: I already wanted to speed up the trip before having to lose a week in Portland. And I’d really like to be done with the trip by mid July. So I’m going to do another Ironbutt ride in Canada. I’m thinking about doing the 2000km/24hrs from Calgary to Thunder Bay. The only thing I’d lose out on is Winnipeg, I think. I’ve also been thinking about racking up a few more badges by doing some of the laps around the Great Lakes. Given they’re really only 24 hrs each, I think may go for em.

This is all assuming that the new regulator solves all of my electrical gremlins, of course.

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