Butte, MT

After a long battle at the library getting the journal up to date, I scored a place to sleep in Butte, MT via an ADVrider contact, Danny.
Danny is a retired teacher, a real no-bs kind of guy, and incredibly helpful. We charged the battery overnight on his trickle charger, and then he drove me around town to a couple shops to have the battery load tested. It seems the battery is fine.
With that being the case, I had my electrical guru, Ha-mes, hold my hand over the phone through the troubleshooting guide in the service manual.
We’ve come to the conclusion that the problem is most likely a bad regulator/rectifier.
This poses a problem since nobody in Butte has the part in stock.
I intend to take my chances and order the part to arrive in Portland, OR. It’s 666 miles from here to portland.
I’m doing my best to score a place to sleep/recharge the battery in Spokane, WA, about halfway there.

One thought on “Butte, MT

  1. check the brushes in the regulator/ generator had the same problem on a goldwing, the shop put a new battery in the bike only to have the same problem happen a few days later. So upon further inspecting it was discovered that the brushes needed to be changed. A 5 dollar fix, Dale in Calgary

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