Writing this at a starbucks in Dillon, CO, 6/5/2015 10:41AM

Skinny got the carb issue (kinda) sorted out on Wednesday. The emulsion tubes and both pilot jets were fairly clogged. Once we reassembled the bike we had a mystery coolant leak, which after awhile of fiddling resolved itself.

Shari packed my gearbag, went through and double bagged everything I’ve got, packed me a couple cans of food, and left me with a good luck token that I’ve yet to ask her the story on.

While sitting at Skinny’s I saw on the news that there was a place nearby where I could still go snowboarding (it’s June). It was a little spendy, but I said “f*** it, I’m on this trip to have a good time, I’m doing it.”

I purchased the lift ticket on Thursday 6/4, and was planning to leave Skinny’s on 6/3 and tent out somewhere nearby, so I could start snowboarding right when the place opened at 8. Shari insisted I leave in the morning instead, as bad weather loomed on the horizon. I obliged.

I left at about 6AM from Skinny’s, and made it there a little before 10.

I was grinning ear to ear for problably a solid hour before getting there, and then the whole time I was there. All I could think was “man, this was a good f***ing idea.”

The whole thing, including the lift, boots, and board rental came out to about $80-90, so really not bad for how much of a blast I had. Definitively a highlight of the trip.

I tried taking go-pro-ish video with my phone, which didn’t work out great, but I’m throwing it up anyway.

As Sarge would measure it, I had a “metric s**tload of fun.”

I met some dudes at the parking lot afterward, they offered me a beer and we ended up chatting for probably half an hour. Interesting characters that were all crammed in a Toyota Yaris. The car triggered a pretty long introspection in me. When I first started riding several years ago I was still living with my folks. My old man offered to help me greatly towards buying a Yaris if I agreed not to ride. I’m an incredibly frugal penny pincher, so turning that offer down was incredibly difficult. But it stands as one of the decisions I’ve made in life that I’m happiest with. I wouldn’t be here if I had decided otherwise. I wouldn’t have had these experiences if I had decided otherwise. And you wouldn’t be reading this if I had decided otherwise.

I made my way to a campsite Skinny had found on google’s satellite view nearby and pitched my tent fairly early in the day. First night in the new tent.

I’m going to make my way from this starbucks in Dillon towards Yellowstone. I’m not sure how far I’ll get tonight. There doesn’t seem to be much in terms of advrider tentspace in between here and Yellowstone, and I intend to spend a few days hiking in there, so this might be one of the longer showerless and indoorless period of the trip.

I’m pretty curious to see if I can find a group of hikers to tag along with while I’m there. We’ll see. This might be one of the longer periods I go without updating, given the circumstances.

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