Onward to Colorado Springs

Writing this 6/2/15.
I am going to partially retract my previous statement on living in Colorado. I can’t deal with the cold:
I pitched a tent by the Black Rock Canyon. My sleeping bag is rated to 32 degrees, but that’s definitively a lie. I despise the cold. I cannot sleep through it. I ended up in all of my clothes, including the leathers and riding mitts, just shivering in my tent. I got maybe two hours of sleep.
So I go back to my retraction: I could see myself a retired guy having a place up here, because Colorado really is beautiful, but I’d a snowbird and flee the winter.

I woke up early. I wanted to avoid the weather my Colorado Springs contact, hereafter ‘Skinny’, warned me about. As I was packing while still inside my tent, it started drizzling. I was in no mood for it and spent a good minute cussing the lack of cooperation from the weather. Once I finished packing I stepped outside and was treated to a beautiful morning rainbow.

And suddenly it was all worth it.

The rest of the ride along US50 towards Colorado Springs was beautiful as well. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to being indoors kept me on the bike (I made less rest stops). I made it to skinny’s fairly early, at 1:30 or so (6/1/15).

Skinny and his wife, Shari, have been wonderful, generous hosts. I was treated to hot food, cold beer, a hot shower, and a warm bed. After getting a good kick at how pathetic my sleeping bag was, they hooked me up with a new tent and a much warmer sleeping bag. Shari threw my things in the wash and made damn sure I wasn’t leaving with anything still wet or damp. Skinny hooked me up with a few tools. He’s also been helping me with the shadow and has been troubleshooting my carb issue, as well as taking me around town so I could get a compression bag to put the new (much larger) sleeping bag in, oil and a new filter.

We got the oil and filter changed out, but we haven’t quite figured out the carb issue.

I’ll be taking off tomorrow on a new route Skinny helped me map out, to do something I’m quite excited about. I’ll leave that ‘something’ as a surprise for ‘you’ to read about on the next episode.

I want to thank Skinny and Shari for all their generosity, hospitality, and genuinely making me feel at home. So much so that last night I dreamt I was home.

2 thoughts on “Onward to Colorado Springs

  1. Too cold? Spoken like a true Florida boy.
    Very glad to see all is well on your journey. I’m riding to Colorado in 2 weeks and have mapped out a couple of the same roads you’ve taken. Ride safe.

  2. Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying reading your about your trip. I am so jealous!!
    Love reading about where you spend the night, this has always been the thing that keeps me from just heading out on my bike into the wild. So far just hotel/motel trips from me, but I am getting inspired reading your story. Ride safe and hello from Mich.

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