A philosophical rant about ‘goodness’ in the world

I’d like to take a minute to write about something I’ve really pondered on quite a bit as the odo ticks by.
I’ve been told all my life, by people older than me, about their adventures from when they were my age. But always qualifying their story with “well, that was a different time.” Always in reference to the world being a more dangerous place. A place where such adventures are no longer appropriate.
I believe we’ve been sold on the notion that the world is a much scarier place than it really is. Because that’s what sells on the news. We spend so much of our time in front of a TV being told about the incredibly rare situations where someone acted in bad faith, about the psychos, about all the bad things.
I realize I’ll likely come across as an angry hippy saying this, but TV is really nothing more than a concentrated effort to tell us how to live our lives, to keep us scared, to keep us conforming, and to keep us buying shit we don’t need. To keep us chasing the prepackaged ‘american dream’ rather than figuring out what any of our true individual dreams are.

The world is a wonderful, welcoming place. I’ve experienced so much kindness and goodwill on this trip.

Complete strangers all over the country taking a weary traveler into their homes with open arms, wanting nothing but to help a guy continue on his adventure.

People are generally good. Period.

Don’t believe the TV.

Anybody alive in 2015 should really consider the undue influence television has had in shaping their perception of the world, life, and happiness. If all you’ve got is the TV’s opinion as a basis for shaping your opinions, you’re letting ‘the man’ shape, and decide, who ‘you’ are.

2 thoughts on “A philosophical rant about ‘goodness’ in the world

  1. Hi Chris,
    Arapahoe basin parking lot. This is Doug. Nice to meet you and I will send this on to my girlfriend who loves peoples blogs. Put some pictures of yourself in it. its important if I may say so. Rick gave you the beer Lucas is his son And Im from germany kindof really

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