Adventures in Colorado

5/31/2015 6:55PM
I continued northbound on the 550 heading towards Montrose (where I am now). I’ll turn eastbound on 50 towards Colorado Springs. I obviously won’t make it there today, as I still have another 5 hours of riding to get there.

The ride today was gorgeous. The 550 goes through an amazing mountain pass that climbs to over 10,000 ft. The mountains were still snowcapped.
I could go on to a long list of adjectives describing how amazing this mountain pass is, but I would still not do it justice. Neatest view on this trip so far, hands down. In a “yeah, I could see myself living here sometime in the future” kind of neat.

It was also such a ridiculous contrast: I woke up in the middle of the desert in NM, and a few hours later I’m riding alongside snow in Colorado.

I’m having some mechanical problems with the Shadow. There is a considerable amount of hesitation at full throttle. I made the altitude adjustment and it was no use.
Hopefully my contact in Colorado Springs can help me get it sorted out tomorrow. It’s looking like I’ll need to take the carbs out. Check the main jet.

Anyway, for now I’m fighting with flickr and the s****y McDonalds internet to get these photos and video uploaded. Once I’m done I’m going to head east a few minutes towards a campsite some guy I ran into told me about. I’ll need to be up early, as my contact in Colorado Springs informed me there’s a good chance of hail tomorrow afternoon.

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