Abilene to Roswell

I’d like to take another moment to thank Max again for his hospitality, and for even more words of wisdom that helped me tremendously. Max, you were exactly the right person at the right time for me to have met during my journey. Thank you.

I found it strangely poetic that today was the first day I did not encounter rain in this trip.
The ride to Roswell was largely through farmland. Though more eventful scenery is nice, the long monotonous rides are introspective and enjoyable in their own way.
I skated a local park in Roswell, and tried to chat up some locals for a place to crash, but no luck. I decided to pitch a tent nearby. I’m a little iffy about the location, as I’ve seen a lot of cops rolling around nearby, but I’m fairly out of the way. My phone’s dead, so I’ll likely be forced to go sit in McDonalds first thing in the morning.

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