New Orleans

May 25, 2015 10:03 AM
My advrider contact, Ceasar, was a great host. He’s a mechanical engineer who works in oil & gas. He and his girlfriend took me out to Frenchman street and we split a couple beers. As we walked around the city Ceasar would point out all sorts of interesting tidbits about the city and the culture. A very knowledgeable tour guide, to be sure.
He let me shower, do laundry, and sleep on his couch. He had to head out of town, and I don’t really know anyone else here, so I may simply go skate awhile and then get back on the road. Or maybe do some exploring. The age and neglect of the city are fascinating to me, as is the artwork. He did allow me to camp out in his backyard should I decide to stay another night.

One thought on “New Orleans

  1. Chris,
    Looks like you’re having a great journey. I’m sure it will be an education and time well spent. Ride safe and have fun.

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