On the road again

I left Miami at about 5:15 pm. So really, I lost another day. But that’s okay.

I am writing this on my phone in Naples. It is 8:30 pm.

I am in my tent getting poured on.

As far as the camping location, I rolled by an abandoned area that was probably residential several decades ago. Pavement still lines most of the area but everything green is overgrown. I asked a cop that was sitting in his car if I could pitch a tent for the night back here. He said if I didn’t cause any trouble, he didn’t care. I assured him I just wanted to pitch a tent and go to sleep.

I had it in my head to camp on the beach. But google satellite maps showed most of the coast to be developed by (probably) rich people. I was on my way further south chasing what looked like a sandy trail off the beaten path when I stumbled upon this spot. It is ironic because when I finally got towards the back and away from the road I came upon skateboarder made obstacles. Kids had taken concrete and started haphazardly making ramps back here. It made me smile that out of all the places I could have pulled off to inspect I stumbled upon a skatespot.

The rain started as I was talking to the cop, however. So I rushed my tent assembly and tossed everything inside quickly and didn’t get a chance to explore.

I may have to brave leaving my tent and items here to search for water. It is brutally humid and I am gushing water through my pores. And I haven’t got any water with me.

All in all, today was a short but sweet ride across alligator alley. I may or may not get to skate the Naples skatepark tomorrow on account of the weather. I may simply leave in the morning towards Tampa to avoid the afternoon showers.

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