Final Preparations

The logistics of placing your entire life on hold and disappearing for two months are, understandably, complicated and voluminous.

I had to deal with several mountains of paperwork before riding off.

The welder never did do anything with all the metal I bought, so I had to figure out a different luggage solution. For now, I bought a camping backpack for the majority of the stuff, and brought a smaller backpack to place tools and winter things I’ll use less often.

I hope somewhere along the road I can score some saddlebags, but this will do for now.

The mounting brackets for the windshield arrived. I mounted them right outside the store, as I didn’t want to make another trip back to it if they didn’t fit. They work just fine.

On a more positive side of things, I did have the awesome opportunity of skating that big super secret bowl again. I had a really great session that night. I got explicit permission to post the one image of myself at the place.

I did manage to hurt myself, though not terribly bad. I quickly got hold of my chiropractor (the welder) to see if there was any chance he could see me that night, given I was leaving the next day. He said he wasn’t home, that he wouldn’t be until late, and had work tomorrow. But that he’d call me in the morning to try and make time to see me before heading off to work.

That call obviously never happened.

I woke up kind of late on the 15th, and I had a considerable amount of errands I needed to get out of the way before leaving. Time flew by and before I knew it, it was late in the afternoon. I figured I’d just get some sleep and leave the next day.

I wrote this entry early on the 16th.

I intend to get this one update up along with the photos, eat something, shower, and split.

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