About the writer:

I grew up in Miami, FL, my folks still live there, and it is my default go-to when I haven’t elsewhere to go. I went to college in Gainesville, FL. Since my last trip, I finished a degree in Gainesville. I will be moving to Phoenix, AZ some time after the trip to continue school and start my social life over as I don’t know anyone there.
Life for me has been a mixed bag of living in austerity whilst working overtime to save for this journey, great joyful moments like graduating, being accepted into another school, achieving personal goals, and as well as devastating times.
I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t reconsidered going.

I am delaying the trip a week or two.
As much as possible given the circumstances, I hope to leave with a positive frame of mind. The long road is meditative for me, and often turns my mind into an echoing chamber that largely multiplies how I am already feeling.
A man called James Raynor, also a biker, once said “we are who we choose to be.” I choose to be a biker traveling across the sands of time.
Aside from this brief introduction to my personal life, I will endeavor as best I can to maintain this journal an exciting adventure log instead of a bleeding heart manifesto.

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