Colorado Springs And An Old Harley Riding Cowboy

The last of the push to Colorado Springs along the interstate was uneventful, if a little rushed as I wanted to make it there at a reasonable time. I find Colorado to be a beautiful state. I imagine it would have been nice to have taken back roads instead and spent a few extra days there.

I had been pushing my way to Colorado springs because a self titled “old harley-riding cowboy” had offered to let me crash there for awhile. Once I finally made it there, I was able to take my first shower in three days, and was greeted with a beer and a hot plate. The guy was a great storyteller. It rather reminded me as to why I don’t hang out with kids my age much; older dudes just having much better stories.

He helped me plan my Iron Butt challenge ride some. The logistics and paperwork aren’t extremely complicated, but they do take some doing. We ended up deciding on Colorado Springs to Louisville for the one thousand, and then the rest of the way to Atlanta (actually, Athens, GA) for the full fifteen hundred.

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