Happiness Is A Lonely Ride Through The Desert On A Hot Summer’s Day

[Another unrelated philosophical rant]

Happiness isn’t something you can tattoo on your back. It isn’t found at the bottom of a bottle. It’s doing things you set out to do. It’s having friends you respect and look up to. It’s having a girlfriend you respect, love, and want to treat right. Happiness is looking back and reminiscing about the great times you’ve had. Happiness is having the wisdom to know when something is over. Happiness is being at peace with your past so you can enjoy your future. Happiness is not letting fear stop you from doing things that are difficult.

Seeing all these other bikers and bicyclists on the road… It’s funny, we all have similar struggles when it comes to it. Were all here doing something few people will do for reasons we can’t understand. We all seem to have had tons of people interested in the idea, yet most all if not everybody flaked. People back home tell me how amazed they are that I’m doing this trip and whatnot. I don’t really find anything remarkable about it. I spent a few grand on a motorcycle and a couple more on gas and incidentals. I find it much more amazing how people can go through life talking about doing things and never doing them. It would eat away at me. I’m so happy I took this trip.

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