The Several Days In SF

I ended up sticking around in SF for a handful of days. The quick rundown on the backstory: a friend I’ve known basically all my life moved there after we graduated, and another mutual friend happened to, by pure coincidence, be visiting at the same time I was cruising through. The festivities included visiting a theme park, the occasional bar, and sightseeing at fisherman’s wharf, Chinatown, and a couple other places. The folks my friend was staying with in SF weren’t too keen on three hoodlum Miami kids sleeping in their house, which through a chain of events, led to us scoring their daughter’s house for the week. The place was this awesome house built over water in a marina area.

After several days of tomfoolery, booze, and doing anything but making progress on this road trip, I’m hitting the road again, Yosemite bound. After looping around that area I’ll cruise through to Colorado for a day or two and then do my marathon ride towards ATL.

A little concerned about the whole forest fires situation. There’s a good chance some of my ride home might have taken me through those areas.

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