Pacific Blues

I hit the road northbound on pacific 1 towards Santa Cruz. It was a beautiful day out. That is, until California Highway Patrol made sure I didn’t leave California without a lovely parting gift. A nice 67 on a 55. Never had a violation before. Truly want to throw some money at someone to fight it. The clean record means a lot to me.

I tried vehemently to not let it ruin my otherwise wonderful day. Pacific one was cut into the cliff side and just provides miles and miles of some of the most beautiful riding of this journey. The photos truly didn’t do it justice. The sea was a beautiful teal color that looked like an oil painting.

I stopped several times to take photos. So much so that I didn’t make it to Santa Cruz before sundown. Only made it to Monterey. Ended up trying to tap into a different resource for a place to crash. It didn’t go as well. Eventually someone pointed me to a local hostel in Monterey and I crashed here for the night.

As a side note, the leather pants are totally falling apart on me. Ripped pretty heavy in a couple places, zipper’s busted. Still keeps me toasty though right?

Going to make it to Santa Cruz and stop off for a little while. Then I’ll keep heading to San Fran to meet some homies I know there.

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