A Cold, Cold Ride…

The campfire proved a poor idea. The embers stayed lit for forever. I had to go buy another gallon to throw at it, and even then it still crackled.

I was still glad to have started it though. Sitting there in the empty woods solo watching the flames dance in the wind made the mind stir endlessly. Such is the object I suppose. To travel and sight see. To find purpose whilst wandering aimlessly chasing the next horizon. One reflects upon direction in life, upon past mistakes, friendships lost, friendships won.. I’ve always prided myself in holding no regrets. All the mistakes I made I had to make. It seems senseless to wonder what ifs and what could have beens. It is not unlike trying to think of what a route would be if one removed a bridge in it. One couldn’t get to the next town without that stepping stone. It is simply a waste of cognition. We have only the future to deliberate on. To consider what could still be and what doors still remain open.

Closed chapters in our life should remain so.

The phone informed me t’was a lovely 34 degrees outside when I woke up. Double socked, double gloved, long johnned, leathered up and it still felt beyond miserable. I wanted to make it to Vegas at lunchtime or so. I tried riding through the cold morning air but I had to stop twice in 40 miles to press my painful fingers against my stomach that they might turn a normal color again. Hands that cold feel uncannily reminiscent of a broken bone.
I came up on an open gas station and had hot cocoa. Ended up chatting with the attendant for an hour or two while the the sun rose a little more. She warned me not to take the route through Zion because they’d charge me just to drive through it. Fortunate, because it’s the route I was planning to take. I rode on 14 to the interstate and made my way to Vegas. A family friend there let me clean up at her house and sleep for awhile until the old man gets here.

He rented a car, so it seems silly to continue the journal while I’m in a car with him. I feel it defeats the spirit of this journal, this biker’s journal.

I’ll be taking a hiatus from writing and updating until I get back on my bike. Think of it as waiting between seasons for your favourite show. I should be continuing from Vegas Monday or Tuesday. Still have yet to decide on skipping or rolling through San Diego.

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