Hello, Arizona

I really need to clean up. All my clothes are disgusting and I haven’t had a shower since Los Llanos. I also broke my several-year streak of not eating McDs. I walked into one and looked around for an outlet. As I’m looking around some guy shouts at me “HEY! Are you hungry?” and proceeds to buy me lunch and tell me “it’s okay man, I’ve been where you’re at before.” I didn’t ask for it, I wasn’t even really hungry. Moreover I’m not sure he knew “where I’m at.” That is, a broke biker kid on the road or if he thought I was homeless or something. Free food is free food though right? The point is, when people start offering you food randomly like that it’s time to clean up.

Seven hours of riding today. Very intense day. Funnily enough, I still have plenty of daylight out. Sitting in Show Low. I’ve been writing as I go, but haven’t been updating the page since I need wifi and an outlet to be able to sit and sort through photos for awhile.

The ride between New Mexico and Arizona was awesome as well.

Side note: I made a real idiotic move today. I rode off with my camera sitting on the bike. I was hauling ass when it fell off. 70 or so. One of the quickest sights to make you feel like a dumb ass is to see your camera bag rolling and skipping along the freeway on your rear view mirror. The camera took some damage but it’s all cosmetic.

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