Crashing at Show Low, Then Off to Payson

While frenziedly trying to get the journal up to date (more like frenziedly waiting for my old technology to cooperate) in Show Low, AZ, I struck up a conversation with some fellow wifi moochers and told them of my trip. On their way out, I asked the forever-asked question of the trip, “would you mind if I set up a tent in your front yard for the night?” And just like that, I’m set for the night.

They let me in for a shower, which was awesome. The second I walked in I was greeted by a thick aroma of a certain controversial plant. Turns out that they’re travel-happy hippies.

The next morning I was greeted by coffee, breakfast, and a much needed opportunity to wash clothes. After receiving lengthy trip advice, talks about mother nature, and a crystal that will ensure I’m safe during my trip, I took off to Payson to put a few miles behind me before sitting down to do my wordpress homework.

The ride between Show Low and Payson on 260 was nuts. I would have taken pictures if I hadn’t been so busy having fun and trying to not die. The road snakes along a mountainside for miles on end. A long, steep, downhill roller coaster of a ride. Though it surely wouldn’t be particularly intense for someone on a crotch rocket, taking those 35mph turns doing 75mph on a 1100cc cruiser loaded with stuff is certainly enough to get your blood flowing.

2 thoughts on “Crashing at Show Low, Then Off to Payson

  1. Just went over your blog from start to finish. I am starting a similar trip in about 6 weeks. Figuring out where to sleep and whether or not I will be able to find relatively secluded/free camp sites is what I think about most. Any advice about that?

    Stay safe.


  2. Free is tough. I haven’t scored any free designated campsites yet. Along the coast is easier because you can sometimes find a beach. Particularly close to bridges, sometimes the area around the bridge is wide open and not close to houses and whatnot. Finding where to sleep has been my biggest challenge.

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