A Cold, Scary Night

I wrote the previous post atop a mountain at that sunspot center place. When I finished writing, it was nighttime. As if the ride to sunspot hadn’t been terrifying enough when I was able to see…

After a while of riding like grandma, I came up on a camping site. I still don’t understand how these places justify charging almost $20 for a patch of dirt.

The last few nights that I’ve slept in my tent, I slept in my underwear. Sometimes in my sleeping bag, sometimes on top of it because it was so hot. I figured the night felt a little chilly at around 10pm or so when I finished setting up camp, so I slept in it. A couple hours later I woke up shivering. I don’t know how much the temperature dropped, but it was by some absurd amount. I threw on my full biker leather gear and gloves, zipped the sleeping bag all the way, drew the string that closes the face hole as closed as it would go, and sat there and shivered for awhile while the frozen leathers warmed up enough to make it some semblance of comfortable.

The elevation’s been a really funny thing. It’s a crazy temperature shift from riding through the desert where I felt like I was standing in front of a hair drier for hours on end. The small trek to the viewing place yesterday left me breathing a little hard. Speaking of breathing hard, the motorcycle’s been having a tough time up here too. It’s been idling at almost naught. My mechanic buddy had told me I’d need to adjust the carburetor at high elevation, but I truly didn’t feel like testing my mechanic skills at night. Nor do I feel any more inclined to now that I am sitting in my tent with my fingers barely able to type at 7am.

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