The Alamo

The plan to swing by Austin on my way to San Antonio got scrapped to speed up the trip. Following the signs to the Alamo, I was surprised to see the structure sat in the middle of a downtown metropolitan area. After the quick stop and a handful of photos, I got started figuring out my plans for where to sleep. Again, I looked up biker bars in the area, doing so much earlier in the day this time. After a long, hot, slow ride in traffic in full leather I came up on the bar. Seemed sketchy enough, with a Bandidos member wearing colors talking to another patron outside next to his Harley. I decided to try a little harder to overcome my introverted ways and talk to more people. I really needed to find a place. A couple people suggested I camp out in a nearby park or in the parking lot of the bar. I met some cool people while I was there. Again, the broke college kid on the road story seems to resonate well with people. (See the bathroom photo.) After a long night of talking to drunk folks, scoring some free beers here and there, it was really looking like a parking lot tent out. I refused to feel negative about the whole experience though, I truly felt I was going to get lucky this time. Sure enough like my other premonitions, near closing time the bartender decided to let me spend the night at her place. Fortunately she forced me to leave the bike at the bar. I was well over the statutory limit at that point, and her place turned out to require some skillful driving to get to.

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