Howdy Y’all

Interstate was a go. Made it into Texas. Sitting about half an hour east of Houston off I-10. Several craigslist-joe type pleads in various sites unanswered, I’m lurking google maps for possible places to set up the tent for the night. 45 days of riding means motel nights need to be few and far between.


Side note: It’s fascinating watching the expression on people’s faces evolve when they ask where I’m going and where I’m coming from. (I always say I’m coming from Miami. [Technically, I bought the bike half an hour on an hour north of Miami, and the two weeks or so in between the purchase and leaving Gainesville were a necessary pit stop.] Not many people would know where Gainesville is anyway.)

2 thoughts on “Howdy Y’all

  1. Are campgrounds out of the question? You might google for motorcycle-friendly ones, as well as looking for other State/National Parks with campgrounds along your route.

  2. I commented again on your Craigslist post. Good luck. I just pulled up stakes in my campsite and headed for a motel. The weather that hit Oklahoma is thirty miles from me. The radar map looks really scary.

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