A Good Night’s Sleep

Sitting in Mississippi, I figured I really wanted to go to New Orleans and hang out at bourbon street for the night. Moreover, the little idea for changing up the trip NW bound didn’t really pan out so well when I looked at the map. In the end, I gave up and decided to do neither. I got a motel at Slidell, Louisiana, a little NE of New Orleans. I’m going to skip NO altogether. Best decision ever. The motel was cheaper, I didn’t spend a ridiculous amount on booze, and I got an amazing night’s sleep.

Speaking of giving up, I also got on the interstate for the first time last night. Sadface. So much for Interstate-free ness.

The tent was all wet the 2nd tentout from packing it wet after the first one. I opened it up in the motel, put the door facing the air unit and propped it off the ground to help it dry.

Debating plowing through Louisiana on the interstate all the way to Houston. A little over 5 hours of riding. I could really use catching up on time. The route has continued to grow in length everyday as I get more and more advice on “you need to swing by ‘x’” and whatnot.

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