Ferry and Decisions

I slept marginally better this time. I need to get some earplugs pronto. I felt pretty safe with the security there and everything but the tent flapped in the wind all night.
Woke up, packed up quickly, took some photos, and waited for the ferry. I don’t know why I like ferries so much. Maybe because they’re such an impractical solution, like everything else I like.

I whipped out the pocket stove and made some tea in the line of waiting cars. It’s pretty funny feeling like such a grungy gypsy cooking on a parking lot surrounded by curious responsible adults.

The ferry ride was pretty cool. I took a lot of pictures. That whole bay is full of oilrigs.

Despite the stable barge setup, the ferry did rock with the waves a little. I got a little worried about it listing enough to make the bike tilt over or something. After the uneventful ferry ride, I rode through some fishing towns and a oddly tall bridge. It’s always exciting when you’re on a highway that feels like a hotwheels track.

About half an hour of riding through nothing later I came up on a McDs and decided to sit down and write this and the last post, get all the pictures in order, and decide what to do next. Actually, I’m still deciding. I don’t know if I should skip New Orleans and head northwest. I’d end up spending a little more time in Mississippi and it’d put me on interstate 40 through Texas, which one of the biker guys told me was a pretty scenic route. It’d also put me on a good spot to get to the Grand Canyon after crossing. I still haven’t decided.

One thought on “Ferry and Decisions

  1. Check Craigslist for a reply to your post. I’m happy to help with any routing in the west. I’m familiar with all the roads and alternates along your route.

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