A Blue Tailpipe

Got most of the gunk off of my tailpipe from the blazing saddlebag incident. Easy off oven cleaner works pretty well for taking off melted leather. (Even though the can says not to use it on chrome…) Unfortunately it looks like there’s a permanent burn mark on it. Looks like just the tailpipe tip though, so if it ever really bothers me all that much, it’s only a one-part replacement.

Still not sure whether that whole thing happened because the motorcycle was running lean (we pulled the spark plugs and it was) or because of running it with the choke on. We ended up taking the bike apart a good few times. Mechanic homeboy did most of the real work, but at least I did the taking it apart and putting it together, so now I’m a little more confident I can put the bike back together if it comes to it.

It turns out the bike wasn’t low on oil. There’s a fuel pump relay that Honda put on these bikes that was going bad. A quick lurk through mechanic forums for my bike let us know that it was a common problem. Easiest solution is to just bypass it, so we did. It’s essentially a safety mechanism so that the bike doesn’t continually dump fuel out if you’re in a wreck and the hose detaches.

Took the bike out for a couple local extended rides. 2-3hrs each or so. Runs great.

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